Enchanted: Be carful where you park your tractor, this corn grows.  Enchanted is a magical 78 day bicolor augmented sh2 with both fresh market and shipping potential.  Enchanted offers all the flavor an texture you expect out of a fresh market augmented hybrid.  Ears have 18-20 rows and are filled to the tip with plump sweet kernels.  Enchanted has shows good tolerance to Northern Corn Leaf Blight in 2015.  IR common rust, and stewart’s wilt.  



Simplicity : A 76 day bicolor Sh2 with a medium sized plant and exceptionally high eating quality.  Ears are filled to the tip and have 16-18 rows.  Simplicity has show some tolerance to NCLB.  Simplicity has outstanding texture and high sugars, and easy picking ability.  



B2437 : Is an 78 day bicolor sh2 shipping with good cold soil emergence and very good sugar.  Ears are 8” with 16 rows counts and a lot of protection.  

B2437 crop


B2084 : Is an 80 day bicolor sh2 shipping hybrids with very good yield potential.  B2084 has exceptional husk protection deep kernels and consistant performance in every trial in which it’s been entered.  Ears are 7.75” with 18 rows count.

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