Winter Squash 

Mashed Potatoes: is a stark white Acorn with fantastic color hold ability. The flesh is nearly white and resembles Mashed Potato when baked and fluffed.  Acorns are 1-1.5 lbs, and plants are highly productive, typically producing three to four fruit per plant. The vine is compact most fruit are found on the crown set. Colors hold into late fall.

Mashed Potato cleanup


Baked Potatoes is a 105 day tan (butternut colored) acorn squash.  Acorns are large 1-1.5 lbs, on a compact bush plant.  Acorns have a sweet nutty flavor and hold very well. 

baked potatoes.JPG


Confetti : Edible and Unique! This acorn produces beige and green fruit in an acorn shape. Perfect for fresh market sales and decoration.


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