Latte : A 68 day synergistic hybrid with outstanding quality in the early class.  Plants are dark green with high yield potential.  Ears are 7.5-8” with great tip fill.  Latte offers good cold soil performance with the sweetness, tenderness, and flavor of many main season products.  



Espresso : A 70 day synergistic hybrid that shines in our first early plating.  Plants have exceptionally good cold soil vigor.  Espresso also sets a new standard for size and shape of an early with ears 8-8.5" x 1.8"

Espresso 2


Cappuccino - is a 73 day bicolor synergistic that performs when you most need it.  Ears are large for a second early measureing 8” with 16 rows average.  Cappuccino was made to perform in all timeslots making it a perfect choice for when you are in need of a rain gap corn. It has very good cold soil emergence and vigor, plus Cappuccino offers the high eating quality your cusomers demand.  With intermediate resisitance to stewards wilt, rust, and northern corn leaf blight.  Cappuccino is the perfect choice for growers who require a product that maintains its performance all season long.  



CuppaJoe : A 73 day synergistic with outstanding cold soil emergence.  Paired with Espresso it will get your season off with a jolt.  Ears are 8-8.5" x 1.75" with dark green husk color and strong tall plant.



Allure :  **Trial Topper** A 75 day Synergistic bi-color with excellent eating quality! Allure produces a very refined 8 x 1.75” ear with strong tip fill, good husk cover and great flag leaves. It has everything a grower is looking for in a 75 day synergistic. Perfect for those growers who’s consumers demand quality. Disease: CR, STW Tolerant

Allure 2012 high res.jpg


Utopia : A 77 day synergistic. Let the yield pile up with Utopia a high row count large ear with a fruity flavor.  Your bins and bags will be bursting with this hybrid, and the customers will keep coming back for more after they try it. Ears are 8-8.5" x 2.2" and 18-20 rows with tight husk and lots of flags.

Utopia (09b354)


Sparkler : 78 day synergistic This hardy work corn has proven its got what it takes for your tough or marginal ground.  So resilient with a get 'er done attitude Sparkler will produce corn under the most diffiuclt of environments.  Ears are (8"-8.5" x 2") with very attractive well flagged leaves.  



Essence : 79 day synergistic and one of our best eating hybrids.  Ears are very tender with a refined (8-8.5 x 2") with excellent flag leaves and husk cover.  Plants are tall and strong, a must have for your sweet corn program

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