Sutured Melons

Milan: is an early 72 day eastern type sutured melon with high brix and great holdability.  It has very high yield potential producing 4-6 pound fruit.  With a tight seed cavity and better cracking tolerance than other varieties in its class. Milan can be grown in locations that many similar types perform poorly in or split.  Milan is PM1,2 Fusarium 0,1,2, and average 13%-15% brix.  



Afterglow: If you are looking for a late sutured melon look no further than Afterglow!  Since it matures late  (80 days), it can be planted at the same time as your other varieties, giving a product to sell after the other melons have already matured.  Afterglow produces 5-7 pound fruit with excellent quality (12-14% brix)  and a very firm flesh offering extended holdability.  PM 1,2 Fusarium 0,1,2 resistant.  



Solstice : A large deep sutured melon, similar to the old “eastern” type. Massive 6-9 Lb fruit with high yields, outstanding sugar and flavor, and a full disease package. PM 1,2 F0,1,2, Brix 13%.


Crescent Moon : A 74 day sutured hybrid melon with good powdery mildew tollerance.  Fruit are large, generally 6-7 pounds.  This hybrid has topped yield trials due to it size, and has the classic musk flavor of yester year. 


Hannah's Choice : The 6-1/2 x 5-1/2" large sutured/netted oval fruits average 3–5 lb. Its rich green rind contrasts with the deep orange flesh. Kudos to the Cornell University breeding program for developing this gourmet melon. At trials in both Freeville and Jamesport, NY, it had an astonishing 96% marketable fruits by weight besting Delicious 51, Earliqueen, Athena and Burpee Hybrid in color, depth, Brix and over-all quality. Resistant to PM, tolerant to F2, ZYMV, PRSV, WMV. 


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