Potato Squash Cooking Examples:

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cooking mashed potatoes

Basic Cooking

Cooking should be an adventure, and that is what we have found with our Mashed Potatoes squash.  Your only limit is your imagination.  Just remember that potatoes are in the name.  If you wouldn’t do it to a potato then don’t do it to Mashed Potatoes.

To cook Mashed Potatoes Squash simply cut it in half.  (If you are having trouble cutting it in half try microwaving it for 5 min.)  Once cut in half, scoop out the seeds with a spoon and place face down on a cooking sheet.  Bake 400F-425F for 35-40 min until the skin is starting to brown in spots.  A knife should easily be able to pass through the squash.

Peel the Skin

Once cooked the skin will peel off easily.  You can do this with a butter knife, what’s left looks almost ready to eat.

Whip it.

Once your skin is removed, all that is left is to put it in a mixing bowl with your favorite potato seasonings.  In this case we mixed it with a little fresh garlic, milk and butter.  Of course you can make it any way you are used to.


The only thing left to do is serve and enjoy.  The texture will be lighter and fluffier than potatoes.  

Mashed Potatoes squash cooks faster than potatoes.  It has fewer calories and carbs than potatoes, and your guests and children won’t know they are not eating real potatoes.

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